• Collaborative Finance

    That Grows With

    Friends & Families

Got Emergency Money?

Setup auto-debit to grow your monthly savings balance together with your friends and families. When emergency money is needed, borrow from your group money pool and repay with interest to your friends and families, not the banks.


Personal & Group Money

  • Time-poor to grow your savings?
  • Banks pay little interest on savings?
  • Borrowing from friends and families?
  • Chasing for repayments hard?

Your Savings on Autopilot

Automatically grow your savings plus earn extra from interest paid by friends and families borrowing your portion of savings.


Micro Shared Money Pool

  • Grow by monthly deposit
  • Borrowers pay monthly interest
  • No more chasing after payments
  • Extra protections available

Grow Old Together

Keep close contact with your friends and families and let group money help each other during hard times. Use group money to pay for meet-ups. Fewer headaches and engaging!


Group Money For Friends

  • Support weddings
  • Support health treatment
  • Local community events
  • Buy new tech by turn
  • Pay for insurance excess
  • Local community projects

Create Money Pool Now!

Grow savings with friends & families and more.